Colorado Lawmakers Resist Sessions’ War on Marijuana

Colorado lawmakers vow to resist federal attack on state marijuana laws.


Colorado lawmakers are resisting US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ change to the way states deal with legal pot.

On Thursday, Sessions announced he would rescind an Obama-era memo which eased federal enforcement in states that legalized recreational and medical marijuana.

The change allows US Attorneys in states where pot is legal to “decide how aggressively to enforce longstanding federal law prohibiting it,” reports the Associated Press.

Several lawmakers in Colorado, where citizens voted to legalize marijuana in 2012, say the change is an encroachment on states’ rights and the people’s will.

Sessions’ move comes only three days after California officially legalized recreational marijuana.

Source: Colorado Lawmakers Resist Sessions’ War on Marijuana

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2 thoughts on “Colorado Lawmakers Resist Sessions’ War on Marijuana

  1. Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, a conservative member of the Republican leadership, is threatening to block all judicial nominees until Attorney General Jeff Sessions backs-off on this new marijuana policy. “I am obligated to the people of Colorado to take all steps necessary to protect the state of Colorado and their rights,” he said. Also, the Vermont legislature moved to legalize marijuana on the same day this DOJ policy change was announced.


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