CDC Officially Planning For Nuclear Attack

Welcome to 2018. It’s been an apocalyptic start to the new year. And according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the worst could be yet to come. The agency wants the American public to get ready for the possibility of a nuclear strike, reports Politico, and it has posted a notice for a Jan. 16 briefing titled “Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation.” The session in Atlanta, Georgia will include experts on radiation and disaster preparedness and discuss what federal, state and local governments are doing to prepare. . .

via The CDC is now officially planning for a nuclear attack — Quartz

5 thoughts on “CDC Officially Planning For Nuclear Attack

  1. What in the world can we do if there is a nuclear attack? It is far more likely that we will suffer from one of our own nuclear reactors, melting down, as antiquated as they all are.

    I don’t even remember the last time I saw a ‘Fallout Shelter’ and what in the world could the inside of one look like after all this time any way? Any supplies in it would have long since gone bad, deteriorated and fallen to pieces. There is not a thing that can be done because radiation would be damn near everywhere and there’s no escaping that fact. Plus, we are already experiencing the fallout from a nuclear attack, it’s called ‘Fukushima’ and no one is doing a thing about that. If they’ve deemed it safe to host the Olympics over there, then I guess we have the question answered with a question as to what to do if there is a nuclear whatever. What’s a little massive dose of radiation, folks? Let the games begin!


    • We are all dead of a nuclear attack, Shelby, within months if not days. Most of us will starve to death because of the global nuclear winter, which will plunge the earth into an Ice Age lasting ten years.

      What the CDC is trying to do here is the worst kind of blatant disinformation and propaganda. It’s all part of an inane government strategy to “sell” continued production of nuclear weapons as essential to US security. I suspect they have undertaken this campaign to counter the overwhelming vote by the UN General Assembly to abolish all nuclear weapons. This obscene level of cynicism could only originate from a certified psychopath.


  2. As a 74 year old man who went through those drills during the 1950s [those kids posing there are a lot more recent – that’s not a Big Chief tablet] I can tell you the idea wasn’t to try to survive a nuclear attack. It was to inspire hatred and fear of the people we were told would be the attackers. I’m guessing the same is true today.


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