Dentists Explain How Dangerous Mercury Fillings (Amalgams) Are & What They Can Do To Your Body

In 2013, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) formalized a global convention to reduce mercury usage, which includes initiatives to phase down the use of dental mercury. The UNEP mercury convention will come into force on August 16, 2017, and as part of this effort, the European Union is taking action on dental mercury. A new EU mercury regulation plans to prohibit the use of amalgam for vulnerable populations (pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 15 years old) and provide for discussion about the feasibility of ending dental amalgam use in the European Union by 2030.

8 thoughts on “Dentists Explain How Dangerous Mercury Fillings (Amalgams) Are & What They Can Do To Your Body

  1. Well, unfortunately for me, my mouth is full of that mess! But they tell me that I have no cavities. Go figure!

    Dr. Bramhall, I have two teeth that are sitting inside my jaw. If you saw my dental x-rays, you’d think I was from a different planet, you’d scream in horror and faint. It is so bad, I have had oral surgeons tell me that they would rather turn in their resignation than try and extract those two teeth in my jaw. One tooth is lying right along the jaw bone and is placed squarely between a nerve. It has become infected several times and the pain is horrendous and I have been to 8 different oral surgeons and not one will take them out. I am some damn lab experiment that went most horribly wrong. But like I stated above, the ‘good’ news is that I have no cavities thanks to a ton of mercury fillings in my mouth. When I go to get my cleanings, the dental hygienist tells me that she wishes she could use my mouth to dissuade teenagers from drinking soda pop because I have the mouth that a teenager could only hope for. So, yeah! I’m real good. Please note the sarcasm!


    • I guess I’m lucky not to have your mouth Shelby as I have a severe dentist phobia. I have a yearly appointment coming up next week and am already working up the courage to go. I read about 20 years ago about a link between amalgam fillings and chronic illnesses so I had a bunch of them changed for the new polymer fillings. The American dentist I saw did them wrong and I had to have them all redone when I came to New Zealand. I’m really pleased that since I changed my diet about 10 years ago I don’t get them any more.

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  2. Our Malthusian rulers, followers of Sir Thomas Malthus not aliens, will not be happy about this, but that’s what their licensing schemes are designed to handle.



  3. Mark, it would seem all new technology turns out to have more drawbacks than advantages. Indigenous people everywhere had no problems with tooth decay before changing to the European diet. If the medical profession really cared about patients’ dental health they would be changing their diets instead of filling their mouth full of mercury.


  4. I shook my head in disgust when I read this article. I remember all those dentists telling me years ago I had nothing to worry about with amalgam and I insisted in having the white composite instead. It cost more but I’m glad I did.

    It just reinforces my belief that orthodox medicine has such a long way to go – and same goes for nutritionists and doctors on the whole – you simply can’t trust what they say.


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