Boobs on Credit

This article raises an excellent question – what happens when a woman defaults on debt repayments for her breast enhancement?

Desultory Heroics


By Jim Quinn

Source: The Burning Platform

Do you ever hear something so startlingly mind numbingly ridiculous you realize it must be a sign things have gotten so fucked up something has got to give? As I was driving to work yesterday morning on the Schuylkill Expressway a commercial comes on the radio from a plastic surgeon advertising for anyone looking for a better set of boobs. I had never heard a plastic surgeon commercial before, so I thought that was unusual. But, that wasn’t the best part. This plastic surgeon was offering no money down 18 month interest free financing on your new boobs.

I wonder if they are moving boobs with subprime debt the same way the auto companies have used subprime debt to move cars. Of course, when a deadbeat defaults on an auto loan the car is easily repossessed. What happens when a bimbo…

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6 thoughts on “Boobs on Credit

  1. For the love of !!!!! First of all, why would anyone want to have something looking like the above placed inside their body? And why would they think that it would last as long as they ‘want’ them since we ALL should know that anything manmade can and will break down, fuck up, break, burst, kill you…….. For the life of me, I just cannot believe how stupid people can really be; taking out a loan to get ‘breast enhancements’??? If you can’t afford something so ridiculous as this, it is even more ridiculous to tell someone that you are still paying on your implants and that you’re about to default on them.

    As ‘they’ say, “Truth IS stranger than fiction!”


    • I had the same reaction, Shelby, especially after my experiencing working with a woman whose silicon breast implant burst and leaked silicon throughout here body. Apparently this is a fairly common event and it sets up a chronic inflammatory process similar to an autoimmune disease. Severe chronic fatigue and frequent infections are the most prominent symptom. Of course plastic surgeons never warn patients about these potential side effects before they undergo surgery.


  2. Interesting thought! Clearly Western medicine is increasingly aiming at the aging, wealthy and image-counscious sectors of the market. On the whole it’s probably better to stick with what nature gave you, if possible.


  3. From my experience, Alan, it’s younger women who are the most image conscious and it’s probably far harder for them to find the cash to pay form implants. You often read about girls 17 and up seeking implants because the mass media has conditioned them to hate their bodies.


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