Facebook Drops “Fake News” Red Flags After Users Appear Not to Have Trusted Them

It seems Facebook’s fake news “red flags” increased likelihood that users would share them. Is anyone surprised?

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Just one year after introducing its “fake news” red flags, Facebook has discontinued the tool after having to face the fact that it just didn’t work. In fact, many users were sharing articles tagged by the social media giant as a result of their being tagged. Facebook, it appears, is does not have the credibility it seems to have thought it had.

The “Disputed” article flagging feature — introduced in December 2016 — was designed to stop the spread of articles the leadership of Facebook considers as misinformation. Of course, Facebook — with its record for manipulating users’ newsfeeds, censoring posts expressing views differing from those of its leadership, and violating users’ privacy — is not, perhaps, the best judge of what is and is not “fake news.” It is certainly not the sole arbiter of truth.

In announcing its decision to ditch the “fake news” red flags…

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8 thoughts on “Facebook Drops “Fake News” Red Flags After Users Appear Not to Have Trusted Them

  1. ROFLMAO!!! The public isn’t as gullible as the deep state minions who run FB and their masters thought. LOL!!!



  2. Good point about Zuckerberg, M.K., though in my view both men suffer from Asperger’s Disorder. I think that’s what makes them so easy to control. (I think Trump does as well – his social skills are zilch and his Tweets are classic for a concrete black and white thinker – in my view his advisors lead him by the nose).


  3. Interesting about the Asperger’s. I didn’t know that, but it makes sense. And Trump is definitely a black and white thinker, or the defence mechanism of “splitting” as I recall. Ambiguity and compromise are out of the question with such armour. But then it’s good for business – at least in this predatory corporate world. I suppose that’s how Trump sees the US – as a corporation, which I suppose it is.

    You are so right about his advisors. He’s surrounded by a cabal of Deep State crazies – some Zio-Conservatives with their psychopathic ideologies others paid up political whores like McCain or Lindsey Graham. He’s in over his head that’s for certain – like a man just concentrating on keeping afloat in a sea of sharks.There’s no way anyone can survive that, what with the constant media hysteria and insiders maneuvering him like a spinning top. (His narcissistic personality won’t help of course). My belief is that his health will deteriorate as time goes on, of that I am quite sure.

    Strangely enough, love him or loathe him, I do think he sincerely wants to do the right thing, however juvenile and warped his perception. This is unlike Obama who was groomed from the start and knew exactly what was expected of him.

    Well, we shall see. 2018 is sure to be quite a ride.


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