Google Owes Us: Search engine sued for £2.7bn on behalf of 5.4 million people

Google could be forced to pay £2.7bn ($3.2 bn) in compensation for selling the data of more than five million iPhone users without their consent.

Journal of People

A Journal of People report

Google is accused of selling millions of users’ data without their consent.

In a statement to the BBC, Google said: “This is not new – we have defended similar cases before. We don’t believe it has any merit and we will contest it.”

Google could be forced to pay £2.7bn in compensation after it was accused of selling the data of more than five million iPhone users without their consent.

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13 thoughts on “Google Owes Us: Search engine sued for £2.7bn on behalf of 5.4 million people

  1. Google and Facebook, Twitter etc – social media in general – does offer positive ways to connect but I’m afraid its still inside the pocket of the Deep State, as it was always designed to be.

    I really think its time for an alternative internet nested inside the official one, if that’s at all possible. There does appear to be a few innovators out there working on that very thing so perhaps all is not lost…


  2. If anyone thinks that Google has stopped selling iPhone data or any other data for that matter, even the data of our Google searches, then they are seriously delusional. If it has also been stated that Google is all about the business of censorship as well, then I would put nothing past that entity. It is too big for its britches, for one thing. It is a monopoly and these things, in this day and age are encouraged and so like Google, they get away with too much and are never held accountable.


    • Shelby, the other thing I really hate about Google is how they only show you what you want to see on searches. I switched to Duckduckgo about six months ago and love it. It even gives you alternatives to YouTube. But I’m not naive. I’m sure the CIA and NSA monitor everything I do on Duckduckgo just the way they did on Google.


  3. The latest Colorado mass shooting was carried out by an attorney, Matthew Riehl, who was disgruntled with his law school, police department and former law firm. Oddly, there is a Youtube video, made by former client of the mass shooter/attorney, over two years ago, with the narrator/client taping the attorney’s confession regarding his law firm’s malfeasance, and stating that he was being harassed and followed after leaving the firm:

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


      • No. However, the presentation is rather detailed. The narrator, Raymond Taylor, states that he owned the Wamsutter Hotel. There are internet records listing this establishment, with an owner having the same surname:
        Also, the voice on the recording, stated to be Riehl does sound like his voice on the audio and Youtube videos on the internet. If this is not investigated, based on my own research and experience, it is likely that there is financial fraud going on and a government cover-up. Randy Quaid made some of the same allegations regarding financial fraud against him and his wife. Several people I’ve spoken to have said that they were gang stalked after fighting against the local or federal government regarding land disputes/eminent domain. These allegations, often detailed and articulate, should not be taken lightly.


  4. This is just one more brick in the wall …..we need to disbar the BAR and hold these people accountable for the injuries they cause to members of the public.


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