3 thoughts on “Beijing Complicates Washington’s Afghan Strategy

  1. This clearly shows just what the U.S. is about because while other countries are trying their damn best to find ways to bring peace and stability to the very regions, the U.S. has destabilized by virtue of the CIA and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, the U.S. frowns upon countries like China and Russia because those countries are not blowing countries up, initiating enmity between countries by training competing terrorists in order to go in and steal, pillage and plunder any and everything it can. Other countries are trying to build relationships while the U.S. has only one agenda and that agenda is to make war, destroy and pillage. I am thankful that other countries are finally ignoring Washington and are getting on with the business of trying to establish communications with each other and “enhance connectivity and cooperation with neighboring countries…” thus rendering the United States, impotent.


  2. Once again, very well put, Shelby. The more I learn about US history, the more I understand that my native country has always been about conquest, blood shed and enslavement of other people for profit. Like you say, it’s great to finally see the rest of the world stand up to them in a positive way.


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