Un-Merry Christmas: The Perverse Incentives To Over-Consume And Over-Spend

What happens when most people have not just the basics of life, but a surplus of stuff? Where is the growth going to come from if people already have everything?

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Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

Isn’t it obvious that if we set out to design the most perverse, toxic and doomed system possible, we’d end up with the Keynesian Cargo Cult’s insane permanent growth/Landfill Economy?

Few topics are off-limits nowadays: the personal and private are now splashed everywhere for all to see.

One topic is still taboo: the holiday’s perverse incentives to over-consume and over-spend, lest our economy implode.This topic is taboo because it strikes at the very heart of our socio-economic system, which is fundamentally based onpermanent growth, the faster the better, as ifunlimited expansion on a finite planet is not just possible, but desirable.

In the current Mode of Production, the solution to every social and economic ill is to “grow our way out of it.”

The solution to unemployment: jump-start growth by expanding consumption, spending and borrowing.

The solution to stagnant wages:…

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8 thoughts on “Un-Merry Christmas: The Perverse Incentives To Over-Consume And Over-Spend

  1. “Isn’t it obvious that this system is a one-way path to collapse? Isn’t it obvious that burning resources and capital to haul stuff to the landfill at an ever-increasing rate is madness, folly, recklessness and stupidity combined?”

    The above is an excerpt taken from the article and the question asked is pretty straightforward and it would appear that when answered, the answer is “No!” because if the answer was “Yes!” then we would not continuously spend ourselves into debt to keep obtaining the same things over and over again. How many TVs, smartphones, microwave ovens, washer/dryers and the like do we really need? How many toys do our kids really need? If you’ve ever seen a child play with a toy, then you know that seconds after receiving it, the child is playing with the box the toy came in rather than playing with the toy. And sadly, adults are more simple-minded than children for we will forever spout useless rhetoric about how we are going to get serious about global warming or climate change and then what do we do? We buy a new smartphone, not because there is something wrong with the one we have, but because corporations tell us that the one we have is an older version and that we must have their latest model and so out with the old and in with the new.

    And about that “live” tree, you have? Why would you have a tree cut down and placed inside your home for a few weeks and then throw it on the curb for bulk trash pickup if you are so concerned about the health of your home; this planet? What is wrong with you? When you cannot understand that a shopping spree meant to impress people is ridiculous just because you have been told to shop on Black Friday for deep discounts and then burn your computer keys up on Cyber Monday. Is everyone really under ‘mass hypnosis’? Because why else do you dutifully line up when told and buy what you are told to buy? For the love of !!! I despair OF us! I no longer despair FOR us! That ship has sailed.

    Dr. Bramhall, thanks for posting this. The only problem is that those of us who have not been hypnotized get it, the rest are suffering the effects of ‘mass hypnosis’ apparently and their numbers are in the billions. More’s the damn pity!

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    • Spot on, Shelby; we are experiencing the prelude to the Matrix Movie Trilogy; the only remedy is for our souls to exit this matrix once and for all when we pass over; and, not to reincarnate again; because the next time our souls will be trapped without any hope of redemption for an entire age; hell on earth;

      In the beginning of this, there was no evil; so, there is a crack in the foundation; a virus in the matrix; good an evil can never ever co-exist; there must come a separation of the chaff and the wheat;

      Probably one third of all souls will escape this soul trap; the rest who have indulged themselves in this very real, but illusionary and corrupt demuirge material world will be mind-controlled, trans-humanised, lobotimised and made permanent slaves and batteries to feed this beast;

      All the sacred texts tell us that the new earth is not here; in the meantime let us keep the 4 agreements: always do your best; be impeccable with your word; make no assumptions; take nothing personal; in peace

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        • I agree totally, Rosaliene, Shelby sums it up extremely eloquently. She has a great talent for that. I saw a great comedy act once when I lived in Seattle where two women stood on stage reading out newspaper headlines to the audience. It was hysterically funny. I can’t help picturing Shelby in that role – I think she would be fantastic.

          The only thing I dare hope for is that as the US economy tanks, more and more people experience the kind of personal crisis that wakes them up out of the hypnosis – and that they have the good fortune to find like-minded souls before they reach the point where they overdose on opiates.

          Personal crisis is the only catalyst I know of with the ability to force the kind of major personal change people need to make.

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          • Dr. Bramhall, thank you for that! And I encourage you to watch the Matrix Movie Trilogy as it is most enlightening. I watched it because it was recommended to me. And I seriously think that sometimes movies reflect society and vice versa. Also, another movie to watch is Avatar where people from planet Earth actually reach another planet that is still in tune with nature and what do the ‘humans’ do, exactly what they’ve done to this planet which is why I hope we never obtain the ability to get to another planet since we will simply do to that one what we’ve done to this one.


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