Free Mumia! Looking back, looking forward

Mumia is scheduled for another hearing in Philadelphia on Jan. 17, 2018, during which presiding Judge Leon Tucker will weigh arguments supporting Mumia’s legal complaints, generated by documented state improprieties.

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by  Henry Hagins

Free Mumia! Looking back, looking forward“When you’re pushing the lie, the truth is very threatening.” — Ramona Africa of the MOVE organization.

The prolonged fight to free political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal has gone on for 36 years and counting. Mumia wages titanic battles every day in uncompromising defiance of the state’s ongoing conspiracy to finally silence him, behind the wall at Mahanoy Prison in rural Pennsylvania.

On the outside, an international “People’s Army of Support” has planted itself like ubiquitous oak trees as Mumia’s ever-present backup team that never sleeps. They range from grassroots to professional in their pursuit of freedom for this highly regarded freedom fighter and public intellectual. They’ve been on watch and intervention ever since the state orchestrated frame-up and cover-up began under the reign of terror launched by the infamous mayor of Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo, in December of 1981 and before.

Recently, defenders organized several well-attended events in…

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