Common Food Ingredient is Zapping Your Memory Away Leading to Alzheimer’s

Canola oil was recently linked to declining memory, learning deficits and obesity. And canola oil is everywhere – in most restaurants, in pretty much all fast food items, every packaged snack you can think of, in everything you can store in a cabinet and in nearly all natural health snack goods.

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By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

One of the world’s most common food ingredients is finally being outed as a big, fat fraud. We hope you are sitting down for this one!

This polyunsaturated oil is touted as healthy by the big food industries, fast food industries, the natural health communities (!), and even our regulatory agencies.

We’re talking about canola oil! One of the worst food creations in modern history if you can even call it a food product. A study came out showing that canola oil was like battery acid to the cardiovascular system – and no one listened. Cooked polyunsaturated oils were recently linked to cancer….nothing but crickets.

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4 thoughts on “Common Food Ingredient is Zapping Your Memory Away Leading to Alzheimer’s

  1. I’ve been avoiding Canola oil for about 20 years, I think. No, I’m sure. If I see Canola oil, soy or corn syrup in something, I don’t buy it, and I avoid all fried foods at restaurants because they all use Canola oil because it is the cheapest oil.

    Thanks for spreading the news.




    • I have also been off canola for nearly 25 years now but not out of health concerns. I developed a chronic intestinal disorder in the early 90s that forces me to prepare all my food from scratch at home. Prior to that time, I was terrible about watching my diet. I put any damned thing in my mouth that came to hand.


  2. There really is no agency protecting the consumer in the U.S. The FDA is not. The USDA is not, not even the EPA. And I cannot say it often enough. “The government is NOT our friend.” We don’t have any friends in our so-called, government, just look at our politicians. Each and every single one of them has been bought, lock, stock and barrel by corporations. Mass produced food is our enemy! This cannot be stated enough times. Local and organic is best and oil is most definitely a no-no. But you cannot get people to wake up. They want it fast and they want it now. And if healthy foods take a bit of preparing, why Americans will opt for the fast oily stuff, every time! Sad, but true!


  3. Everything you say is very sadly true Shelby. I you look at the history of all our regulatory agencies, they were all formed with the intent of protecting corporations against consumers. Worse still they have all promoted Ancel Keys fraudulent research for the fifties and sixties and the phony low fat high carbohydrate diet that is turning the majority of Americans into obese diabetics. This is all despite the fact Keys’ work was totally debunked a decade ago.


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