2 thoughts on “Birth Control Pill Officially Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

  1. I am not surprised because the same is true for women who use hormone replacement therapy to deal with menopause. When our bodies are given something that it should not be given, bad things happen.

    I am just so very glad that I never took birth control pills. I had friends who decided that they wanted to have sex when we were still in high school and one friend did not know where to go to get the birth control pills. She was eventually told to go to the public health department. I advised her not to go, but she wouldn’t listen. She couldn’t even find the public health department. She called me to direct her there and I did not know where it was. I mean…why should I know? Anyway, she finally did go and get on birth control pills, how she is doing now? I don’t know. But for her sake, I hope she is fine. I do not believe that something that causes periods to cease could be a good thing for the body, not to mention the other serious issues that those pills cause. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people don’t think before they pick up anything and everything and pop it into their mouths as though it’s something that could not do them any harm. And then when studies come out decades down the road, they are screwed because either they’ve become ill because of what they did or they’re likely to become so.

    I just shake my head over it all that people don’t take a more proactive approach with regards to what they put into their bodies especially something like birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy that actually changes the cycle of the female body.


  2. Good for you, Shelby. I took progesterone (the main ingredient in birth control pills) very briefly in my early 20s because a doctor prescribed it to regulate my period. I immediately stopped it because it made me feel like crap. Around that time, I learned in medical school that progesterone causes depression – so my attitude towards contraceptives was why would I want to make myself depressed.

    What I find saddest of all about teenage girls taking birth control pills to have sex with their boyfriends is that they mainly do it to please the men – adolescent boys make very crappy lovers and the girls very rarely get any pleasure out of it themselves. Thanks for your comment.


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