Oral History: CIA Contractor Reveals Role in JFK Assassination

Inside the JFK Assassination

Secret History Productions (2003)

Film Review

This fascinating documentary is the oral history of Chauncy Holt, one of the infamous three tramps arrested in Dealey Plaza plaza following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Although it was recorded in 1997, it would be six years before Holt’s interview was released. He died eight days after its filming. Assassination researcher Jim Fetzer has uncovered evidence that Holt, while hospitalized, was deliberately overdosed on Coumadin by someone posing as a doctor.

The first hour of the video focuses on Holt’s early life as a bootlegger and petty criminal in Kentucky. He was a mathematical genius and firearms expert, with a pilot’s license and expertise in oil painting and forgery. It was his math skills that brought him to the attention of Florida mobster Meyer Lansky. After a brief spell as Lansky’s accountant, the latter referred him to the CIA’s Clandestine Operations Division. Holt’s primary function was to oversee the Los Angeles  Stamp and Stationary Company, a CIA front that produced fake IDs and reconditioned firearms for Operation Mongoose, the CIA/Mob operation formed to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro. His immediate CIA supervisor was William King Harvey.

In April 1963, he was ordered to produce fake IDs for Lee Harvey Oswald under various aliases and deliver them to Guy Bannister, who Holt identifies as Oswald’s New Orleans control.

On November 22, 1963, Holt was ordered to deliver forged Secret Service IDs and lapel pins and refurbished rifles and ammunition to Dealey Plaza. He was also ordered to deliver fake Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco (ATF) IDs and handguns to CIA operatives Charles Harrelson (father of actor Willy Harrelson) and Richard Montoya.

Holt identifies Harrelson and Rogers as the two other tramps. The FBI ordered them released as they were carrying forged ATF IDs.

Holt claims he had no foreknowledge of the assassination prior to arriving in Dealey Plaza. His CIA handlers told him that Operation Mongoose had organized a violent pro-Castro protest to drum up popular support for a US invasion of Cuba.

8 thoughts on “Oral History: CIA Contractor Reveals Role in JFK Assassination

  1. Sorry Dr. one of Ozzie best skills was fake id but even that he got wrong. After 5 years of scrutiny of 100 years of History i can safely say LHO was unwitting assassin controlled by Col Boris Pash, General Ralph Osborne and Mathematical Physics Professors in LA and Minsk Radar/TV Lab. the true facilitators of Murder of FDR and JFK were the wall st gang who Controlled WW2 War and State Departments.


  2. LHO made his own fake Hidall Selective Service card but mistakenly put photo on it when there are no photos on SS card There were real ATF agents in TSBD. The interesting Tramp https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Rogers_(murder_suspect) Friend of David Ferrie. Looking at new files the Mafia and Cuban exile where under such surveillance with multiple paid informants and telephone tap made for good scapegoats, I have across a new triggerman WIROUGE born in Country Georgia, Pilot and was in Congo when head of UN was killed there he would make a great accomplice with my Russian speaking US Army men.


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