Fracking damages babies’ health

Study reveals babies of moms living within one kilometer of a fracking site have a 25 percent greater chance of being born underweight.

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This video from the USA says about itself:

Fracking Moratorium Now [Scrapple Service Announcement]

5 March 2014

Pennsylvania needs a governor who represents the people and not the gas industry — one that will halt all new drilling permits. Fracking is dangerous — fracking site spills, water contamination, toxic gas flaring, air pollution, well casing failures, low birth weight in babies, earthquakes.

The gas industry is exempt from environmental law. Tom Corbett has sold out Pennsylvania — no regulation, no tax, no water for families in need. Other places have banned fracking: Pittsburgh, PA, New York State, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic. Two-thirds of Pennsylvanians support a statewide moratorium. The PA state Democratic party supports a statewide moratorium. Why don’t any of the Democratic candidates support a statewide moratorium?

Contact all of the candidates to let them know what you expect.

By Aimee Cunningham in the USA:

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2 thoughts on “Fracking damages babies’ health

  1. Fracking is dangerous – but it has turned the USA from a petroleum importer into a major exporter, and driven down the world price of oil. You can bet, as soon as they get rid of socialist governments in South America, especially Venezuela, they’ll stop doing it and go back to importing.


  2. Good points, Alan. A week ago I was intrigued to learn that Venezuela was adopting a cryptocurrency based on natural resources (oil, god, diamond) called the Petro. Since it’s government issued and based on resources, that qualifies it as a form of sovereign money. Now I hear that Russia and Iran are doing the same to evade US sanctions. I see this as a brilliant move that could potentially save all three countries – unless the US drops an atomic bomb on them, of course.


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