70 U.S. Mayors Embrace Solar And Call For Strong Policies

Solar energy continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Latest figures from the Solar Energy Industries Association show that the U.S. now has enough installed solar capacity to power the equivalent of over 9 million homes.

Journal of People

Environment America| December 13, 2017

WASHINGTON – 70 U.S. mayors, representing cities from sea to shining sea, are calling for solar energy to power their communities. A statement released today by Environment America includes mayors from cities ranging from South Miami, Fla., to Traverse City, Mich., who agree on the need to tap into clean energy from the sun.

“There is no downside to solar energy,” said Naples, Fla., Mayor Bill Barnett. “It’s a win-win for all involved.”

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3 thoughts on “70 U.S. Mayors Embrace Solar And Call For Strong Policies

  1. If we are to build a solar national grid, do it with both EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) and CMEs (coronal mass ejections), in mind. The EMPs are made by man, CMEs by the sun and unavoidable. We have been aware of these for a long time and done nothing. Either would take away our power for a year, and that would cause, among other things, a meltdown of our nuclear power plants for want of power to run the cooling systems. Large transformers are not made here anymore.


  2. Wow, interesting idea, marblenecltr. I’m not sure we need a national grid. I’m a big fan of localized distributive energy that communities control. I’m sick of allowing a few giant monopolies to control all our energy – that’s what jacks up the cost. With the rollover to solar, we need to maintain community control.


    • Your idea to localize energy sources reveals a complete lack of sympathy for the pain and suffering that would cause Globalists as they strive for but fail to achieve world dictatorship. I laugh along with you.


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