7 thoughts on “Climate Denier Rupert Murdoch’s Estate Burned in LA December Wildfires

    • I think Murdock knows the score about climate change but has deliberately chosen to ally himself with the fossil fuel industry against the bank/finance/insurance sector. The big question for me is whether he will rebuild his mansion in this area of California that is particularly prone to wildfires – and more importantly whether he can find an insurance company to insure it.


  1. I consider this ‘good news’ and I am quite happy with the fact that Mother Nature, climate change or what have you does not care if your multi-million or multi-billion dollar estate burns or if your little lean-to burns to the ground.

    I have also seen headlines that suggest that firefighters are selectively battling blazes that are affecting wealthy peoples homes and forget the ‘other guy’. I am so NOT surprised!


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  3. Shelby, it’s my belief that this little elite colony that has established itself in southern California is on a terminal slide. The area is naturally a desert and the Colorado River that supplies them with water is drying up. As I mention above, I think a lot depends on whether the insurance companies continue to ensure homes in the path of potential wildfires. They have quit ensuring homes in flood planes. If they do continue to ensure homes in southern California, the premiums will be astronomical.

    Thanks for your comment.


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