The lifestyles of LA’s rich and famous include concierge firefighters

Massive wildfires in Southern California have burned more than 100 acres in the past few days, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. Most grab their valuables and run, hoping that the already-stretched local fire department will arrive in time to preserve their homes, should that be necessary.

But many residents of the Los Angeles area’s most exclusive neighborhoods have greater peace of mind. They can decamp to, presumably, a luxury hotel, with the knowledge that private firefighters will be rushing in to fireproof their properties, or even tame nearby flames that put their posh homes in jeopardy.

Wildfire Defense System, whose president David Torgenson talked to Quartz, is one of the firms that has been dispatching crews to protect homes in at-risk zones this week. . .

via The lifestyles of LA’s rich and famous include concierge firefighters — Quartz

6 thoughts on “The lifestyles of LA’s rich and famous include concierge firefighters

  1. Yep. And the Wall Street elite work really hard to keep it that way. At the moment, fortunately, the insurance industry is taking a bath over climate related catastrophic events. This is widening the wedge between them and the fossil fuel industry. A split in the ruling class is always good news for anti-capitalist activists.


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