Amazon Recruits Homeless for Christmas Rush


According to the Guardian , Amazon is currently recruiting homeless workers who live in their cars and camper vans as part of a program it calls CamperForce, a labor unit made up of nomads who work as seasonal employees.

The programs is designed to meet the heavy shipping demands of “peak season” – the consumer bonanza that spans the three to four months before Christmas.

Amazon president Jeff Bezos boasts that by 2020, one out of four US “work-campers” (ie RV and vehicle dwellers who travel the country looking for temporary work) will have worked for Amazon.

Bezos, recently named the richest man in the world, clearly has no shame about ruthlessly exploiting Amazon workers (ie refusing to pay them enough to meet basic survival needs) in pursuit of that wealth. See The Ugly Truth About Amazon and Online Retailers).

Read more at Living in Cars, Working for Amazon

7 thoughts on “Amazon Recruits Homeless for Christmas Rush

  1. If true, sounds like sub-subsistence wages, NWO order from their created chaos. They get win-win, first, with savings in labor costs, next, in depopulation.


  2. How can we get mad at Jeff Bezos? If people weren’t furiously shopping on Amazondotcom, who would have even heard of this man? The same with all the big names we’ve heard such as Steve Jobs. Would Apple be so huge if we discontinued buying Apple’s products even knowing how they are made?

    We want to pretend that ‘We the People’ have no hand in this and we have the biggest hand of all in all of this because if not for our materialistic nature and the fact that as long as there is credit left on the credit card, we will hock ourselves into trillions of dollars in debt and we have. Each and every year, we go on buying sprees as though that is what the idea behind Christmas is all about. We don’t even recognize that there are no Thanksgiving commercials at all. We are bombarded with AFTER Thanksgiving Black Friday sales and sales that we can get ON Thanksgiving.

    We have only ourselves to blame for the coming unemployment epidemic and subsequent homelessness crisis. The writing was on the wall decades ago and we ignored it and now that it’s coming home to bite us in the ass, we want to look around and blame billionaires when we are why they became billionaires.

    We didn’t say a word when temp agencies started popping up all over the place and now, you can hardly get on at a company without first having ‘temped’. We threw unions under the bus. We had no problem with NAFTA, CAFTA and the list is endless whereas corporations benefitted while employees got screwed. And companies are still leaving the U.S. For those who love Oreo cookies, I’ve read that the company that makes them is moving to Mexico and will then ship the finished product to America.

    We should be boycotting like crazy, corporations like Amazon, Apple. Wal-Mart, McDonalds and the list is endless, but we won’t do that because we love to buy, buy, buy. Guess how many Christmas gifts I’m buying this year. None, Nada, zero, not one! Guess how many I bought last year, the same. Too bad I’m practically the only one who does this, because if I wasn’t, then maybe, just maybe, we would not be reading about how Amazon is recruiting homeless ‘nomads’ and bragging about it.

    People can overlook anything when they want to just as they overlook what goes down at Disney World whereas those who work there are living in motels strung all up and down highways leading to Disney World because they cannot afford a permanent residence and I know that it is expensive as hell to get into Disney World. I’ve never been, nor would I ever go, but again, I am in the minority over that one. More’s the damn pity!


  3. Shelby, I honestly don’t think the majority of people know how Amazon and Apple treat their workers – all they know is what they see in the mass media, where billionaires are treated as some kind of heroes. Now that I think of it, I should have mentioned Bezos’ ruthlessness in crushing Amazon workers who try to organize unions.

    I don’t buy Amazon or Apple products, either, or buy Christmas gifts or go on spending sprees. I think people who get caught up in this nonsense are victims of extremely slick psychological conditioning that produces a kind of addiction. I think you and I are extremely lucky that we aren’t susceptible. We’re somehow immune to it – and I wish to God there was some way we could transfer this immunity to other people.

    Thank you for your long thoughtful comment.


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