Whistleblower: Charles Manson Part of MKUltra (CIA’s Mind Control Program)


Why The CIA Kills Rock Stars [VIDEO]

Published on Jul 24, 2015

Rob Dew talks with John Potash about the numerous celebrities that the government has assassinated because they were starting to see the truth.

The CIA’s War Against The 60’s Revolution And The Killing Of American & British Rock Stars

The powers that run this country and the world did not like the American and British pop/rock music culture ‘revolution’ that sprung during the 60’s. It wasn’t just a cultural thing, but it was also the opposition to the Vietnam War and the most profitable American institution: The Military Industrial Complex. It was an era when young people used their brains and fought the status quo, the establishment.

Very soon, the machinery to stomp out this revolution was put in place. A special assassination group was formed using ‘the best of the best’ from the CIA, FBI and the military special forces group.

There are certain same ‘doctors’ and ‘psychiatrists’ and ‘specialists’ that come in and out of the picture during the JFK, RFK and Lennon assassinations. These are also players in these deaths, under varous assumed names.

Their techniques did not just include assassinations by marksmen but also killings by ‘accident’, ‘suicides’, ‘drug overdose’ and lone ‘crazy’ killers.

Within a few years, between 1968 and 1976, many of the most famous names associated with this early movementaginst the establishmen rwere killed.

Mama Cass Elliott, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin were all at the Monterey Pop celebration, summer 1967.

Duane Allman, Berry Oakley, Tim Buckley, Jim Croce, Richard Farina, Donald Rex Jackson (road manager for Grateful Dead) Michael Jeffery (Jimi Hendrix’ personal manager), Brian Epstein (Beatles manager), Al Jackson (drummer for Wilson Pickett, back-up drummer for Otis Redding), Vinnie Taylor (Sha-Na-Na) Paul T. Williams (choreographer for the Temptations, and one of the original Temptations), Clarence White (Byrds), Robbie McIntosh (drummer Average White Band), Jim Morrison (Doors), Pamela Morrison (Jim’s wife), Rod McKernan “Pig Pen” (Grateful Dead), Phil Ochs, Gram Parsons (Byrds, Flying Burritos, International Submarine Band, singing with Emmylou Harris), Sal Mineo, Meredith Hunter (victim of ritual killing at Altamont Festival), Steve Perron (lead singer of Children, wrote hit songs for ZZ TOP), and Jimmy Reed (influenced many groups, combined harmonica with guitar) were more victims of thi assassination squad.

Almost every death was shrouded with unanswered questions and mystery.

Persons around the musicians had strange backgrounds and were often suspect.

Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass Elliott, Steve Perron choking from their vomit? I doubt it!!

In addition to Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, and the Dave Mason band, many others suffered near fatal accidents.

The nine years in which the musicians allegedly overdosed, drank themselves to death, drove over cliffs, hung themselves, choked, crashed their motorcycles, went insane, or freaked out without any reasonable explanation, were the same years that the FBI and CIA waged a domestic war against any kind of dissent.


via According to a whistleblower Charles Manson was part of the mysterious mind control CIA program MKUltra… [VIDEO]

8 thoughts on “Whistleblower: Charles Manson Part of MKUltra (CIA’s Mind Control Program)

    • Too true, gerry. I read (and reviewed) the book inside laurel canyon about a year ago and it totally blew my mind. In all probability, these activities still continue to this day – I think about all these mind controlled idiots who do these mass shootings. It’s just really hard to search out the truth behind them.


  1. Dr. Bramhall, the sad fact is that millions of people are being mind-controlled. Look at what we do. Each and every year, we fall in, lock-step with what we have been programmed to do and we don’t even question it, we just do as we have been programmed to do. We buy when we are told to buy. We buy what we are told to buy. We buy it how we are told to buy it. We shop at the stores on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday, our computer keys are burning up as we spend money we don’t have because we are told to put it on the credit card and pay for it later. This is why Americans have no savings because they are always told to go out and buy shit they don’t need with money they don’t have. They have also been programmed to want things NOW. Americans don’t wait and save their money, that is why credit cards are touted as the way to go because Americans have been programmed to not be able to save up and wait to buy that boat or car or motorcycle. They’re to go into debt so that instant gratification can be theirs.

    Unfortunately, there will be no Americans running through the streets brandishing pitchforks over their plight because they don’t really believe they have a plight, not as long as they can still purchase a smartphone and stare at its screen, all day long. Siri and Alexa, ‘virtual assistants’ and whatever else has come down the pike can give them a voice to listen to when they’re lonely and can find them the nearest delivery service for when they’re hungry. Everything has been streamlined into a device and so what good are we? That is why Americans are obese and sick because they have no need to get up off their ass for a thing. The TV remote control was just the beginning. Now, there’s an app to order an Uber. There’s an app to order a pizza. There’s an app to order maid service. There’s an app for everything and since computers are everywhere now, we are told that we can now work at home, some of us that is. We are embracing our own demise and we don’t even notice it. That’s the only thing that’s not on an app; the realization of our dependence, not on each other but on technology.

    And those who used their voice to try and tell us what was going to happen were silenced for no real reason and you only need look around at all the heads that are lowered staring at a stupid cellphone screen to know why.


  2. my father was CIA, I grew up down the street from, CIA headquarters, was a victim of experiments, spent the first half of my life running from these clowns, the second fighting back, I could take down the whole system except for one thing, like they told me when I was a kid, if I ever talked 1) nobody would believe me, 2) if I kept talking about it anyway, I’d be put in a mental hospital, and 3) if I still kept running my mouth, they’d kill me,,

    my teenage years were filled with my father telling me “if you keep talking like that, you’ll get a bullet in the head”,, this was not from me so much talking about the program as simply talking, it’s just that my insights were unique compared to my peers because of the experiences and environment I was raised in, they groomed me to be different, and it was hard for me to do anything without that shining through because I learned so much unique from them that others had no clue about, fascinated shit for a kid to be exposed to and not have it mold who they are,,

    my point is, although they spent some years shuffling me through mental hospitals and jails, eventually left me alone when they realized warning 1) was sufficient, that no one would believe me, like even on conspiracy theory websites, once they realized I was the real deal, they threw me out, banned me because all they want their patrons exposed to is bullshit,

    that’s what drives the human race these days, not just bullshit but bullshit everyone knows is bullshit, like with religion, it’s used to build blindly loyal followings, which you show your fealty to by believing in a bunch of bullshit, if you believe in bullshit, you’re a member of a group who believes the same bullshit, the thinking being that anyone can believe in facts, so how can it be used to create groupings for people to choose which one to become a member of,,

    meanwhile the intelligence community holds a monopoly on reality, making anyone spouting off about how the real world works a snitch, that’s me, a snitch that no one believes


    • Thanks you so much for your comment, Bobby. I’m really sorry to hear of the ordeal you had to go through. The late John Judge used to write a lot about the children of high level intelligence officers. He traced how a lot of them who were sent to Jonestown Guyana (run by Jim Jones) if they refused to “get with the program.” It turns out it was some kind of experimental slave colony where they were forcibly injected with Thorazine and other heavy duty drugs. In the end they were assassinated (they didn’t mass suicide – that was a lie). If you haven’t read it already, you might enjoy reading The Black Hole of Guyana: the Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre: https://ratical.org/ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/Jonestown.html


  3. I can’t really dispute anything you say Shelby. It was largely because of what you describe that I couldn’t stay in the US any longer. It was like the people around me were in a state of mass hypnosis. A few people have woken up. It seems to take a major personal crisis – job loss, harassment at work, major illness, suicide of a loved one – to shake people out of their complacency. Otherwise they go on believing everything is just fine. With the deteriorating economic situation in the US, I suspect a lot more people will be waking up. Let’s hope they can reach out and support one another instead of killing themselves.


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