Kashmir – The Independence Movement Much More Dangerous Than Catalonia’s

Catalonia is a convenient distraction beside occupied Kashmir’s growing movement for independence. The battle over Catalan independence pales into insignificance next to that of Kashmir. Competing claims from three nuclear powers (Pakistan, India and China) mean this conflict has the potential to surpass the US-North Korea standoff as a potential disaster.

Astute News

At the moment everyone is pitching in on the situation in Catalonia as the real story. Having held a referendum on independence, in defiance of the Spanish constitution, the Catalan regional parliament must have expected Madrid to defend that constitution by not recognising the result, re-imposing direct rule to prevent it being enacted and jailing people who advocated doing so. So much can be said in retrospect for self-determination, and so-called European values, as all that is but a moot point by now.

However unsavoury these measures, it is the Spanish government’s claimed Constitutional Duty to take them, as was the case in Georgia in 2008. But of course the Central government is spurring separatist sentiment all over Europe and beyond, in countries where such votes can be legally held and then respected with greater ease. We can expect a number of other regions which identify themselves as separate, whether…

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