Microwave ovens ‘fluke’ your heart while they ‘nuke’ your food – alarming studies reveal microwave frequency radiation can affect heart and blood

Many health conscious consumers rarely, if ever, microwave their food anymore, but when they do, they probably do not realize that they’re not just destroying the nutritional value of the food, but the “nuker” is negatively impacting their hearts.

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

Such harmless benign looking little appliances, and so handy for our insanely sped up nowadays world. I’ve been laughed at for suggesting microwaves are harmful … that Russia banned them at one stage … thankfully the science is emerging. I first learned of the health risks from a nurse who was told in training (UK) not to heat baby formula in a microwave as it kills certain vitamins. From that I smelled a rat as the saying goes. Turns out a man who researched them by testing for vitamin content in food cooked in a microwave & food not, that definitely they do kill your nutrients. Needless to say his research was quickly debunked & hidden a long way under the proverbial carpet. Enough to put me off using one anyway. Err on the side of safety surely. I know a few folk who don’t use these anyway & I…

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2 thoughts on “Microwave ovens ‘fluke’ your heart while they ‘nuke’ your food – alarming studies reveal microwave frequency radiation can affect heart and blood

  1. I wouldn’t use a microwave if someone gave me one. If something can cook food that fast, there has to be a major down side to that. And people cannot understand this? This ‘fast’ life we lead; everything’s got to be done fast. Get me to the store, fast. Get me my food, fast. Get me that new car, fast. Fast, fast, fast and ‘fast’ is killing us which equals to microwaves, cellphones, Wi-Fi; the whole nine yards.


  2. The emphasis on “fast” is killing us for sure, Shelby. Along with the long hours and massive work stress that is eroding peoples’ free time. When people are forced to work 50-60 hours a week just to survive, it becomes impossible to leisurely cook and eat a meal or to spend time with friends or to walk or bicycle to the bank or library. For some reason, it seems to take a major crisis in a person’s life to get them just to see “no” – I won’t be forced to live this way any longer.


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