South Korea’s Sunshine Policy: 80 Percent of South Koreans Support Peace and North-South Engagement

Korea was well on their way for reunification in 2000 when Bush Jr intervened to stop it from happening: Down the Old Memory Hole: How Bush Jr Quashed the Movement for Korean Unification

Counter Information

For South Koreans, the biggest threat to peace isn’t North Korea but the United States.

With Donald Trump scheduled to address the South Korean parliament today, Jacobin’s Seth Ackerman spoke to Tim Shorrock, a veteran journalist who’s covered the Koreas for decades.

Shorrock describes how a vibrant South Korean left with roots in the labor and democracy movements of the 1980s is coping with the latest security threat in the White House. Despite a conservative military establishment with deep ties to the US security state, South Koreans are seeking dialogue with the North.

Seth Ackerman: Everyone focuses on Trump’s bluster on North Korea, but less attention is paid to how things are seen south of the demilitarized zone. What’s the mood in South Korea these days?

Tim Shorrock: According to one poll, 80 percent of South Koreans…

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