California’s Deadly Outbreak Grows Worse, Disease Spreads As Neighbor State Claims Two

Since March, California health officials have documented more than 500 hepatitis A cases in California. 19 people have died from the disease, almost all of them homeless. The state has been forced to scramble for solutions (ie public toilet and hygiene facilities). American homeless advocates have been campaigning for public toilet/shower facilities for over 20 years. What a pity no one listened to them.

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Source: Legal Insurrection

California has been overwhelmed with a massive and deadly outbreak of Hepatitis A. The disease is largely being spread by the homeless population in cities such as San Diego. Now, a long-standing fear that the outbreak would spread has been realized. Two cases have been treated in Colorado that have been linked to California.

Hepatitis A attacks the liver and in some cases can be fatal. It is spread easily through person-to-person contact or consumption of food and water contaminated by fecal matter. Due to the interactions of the homeless population, their lack of hygiene, and use of the street at toilets, the disease has spread quickly.

The two cases in Colorado were homeless people as well. They spurred the Colorado Department of Health and Environment to begin working with shelters and health clinics. The groups are attempting to vaccinate people and warn them about the dangers…

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2 thoughts on “California’s Deadly Outbreak Grows Worse, Disease Spreads As Neighbor State Claims Two

  1. part of depopulation agenda no doubt. The Fires are deliberate, just like the Chem trails that spray poison and disease microbes into air column for the human insects to injest.. Fires of hell, like WAR are the hallmarks of the Synagogue of Satan.


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