ROJAVA: A Utopia in the Heart of Syria’s Chaos

Democracy from the ground up – Kurdish Rojava activists are opposed to an independent Kurdistan. Instead they want a democratic federation for everyone.

The Free

    from KDN  with thanksWhile battling the Islamic state, Kurds and other ethnic groups in Northern Syria are trying to install a political project. They call it the “Democratic Federation of Northern Syria”.

This project is at opposite to the religious project of part of the Syrian opposition, but also to the Arab nationalist project of the Syrian government. And it’s also opposed to an independent Kurdistan.”

We don’t want a Kurdistan for Kurds, but a democratic federation for everybody,” they say. From Qamishli to Kobane, from Membij to Raqqa, this story describes the difficult implementation of a new political experience in Syria, despite the obstacles of a the war and a suffocating embargo.

A written version of this report can be found in the September 2017 issue of Le Monde Diplomatique: “Une utopie au coeur du chaos Syrian” and “Experiment in self-rule in Rojava” in their English-language version

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2 thoughts on “ROJAVA: A Utopia in the Heart of Syria’s Chaos

  1. If you read the propaganda from the U.S. mainstream media, you would think that all of Syria is just a burned-out shell thanks to the U.S. bombing the hell out of it and what with the U.S. backed terrorists shooting at anything moving to the point where Russia had to come in and shoot it out and bomb it out with hooligans hired by the U.S.

    Thanks for posting this Dr. Bramhall. It is quite obvious that we have to look to alternative news sites in an attempt to get at the truth.


  2. It’s definitely true, Shelby, that US bombing has inflicted massive damage to Syria’s infrastructure in an attempt to destroy their government. However it’s my understanding the Russia and Iran and massively investing in restoring the infrastructure and that thousands of Syria refugees are starting to return home. It’s also Russia and Iran who are trying to organize peace talks with the non-ISIS rebels.


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