America Losing Afghanistan by Every Metric that Matters

While the corporate media focuses on North Korea and Russia, Taliban control of Afghanistan is increasing, despite the billions spent on US military intervention.

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A new report by a Congressionally mandated watchdog group paints a grim picture of the progress (or lack thereof) in Afghanistan.

The national conversation has been focused on North Korea and Russia lately, while talk about counterinsurgency tactics has centered on fighting the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria, and northern Africa. Meanwhile, you hardly hear anything about the centerpiece of the counterinsurgency strategy that kicked off this Global War on Terror: Afghanistan.

The news out of there is grim. A report released today by a watchdog U.S. government agency details what’s been happening in Afghanistan as the United States’ attention has been fixated elsewhere: The coalition is losing Afghanistan by every metric that matters.

The report comes from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR. This is the Congressionally empowered group formed to watch over the $121 billion the U.S. has spent since 2001 to rebuild Afghanistan…

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5 thoughts on “America Losing Afghanistan by Every Metric that Matters

  1. So, is this report basically saying that Afghanistan is the new Vietnam? Continue to throw troops at so-called chasing the Taliban out of Afghanistan when the only thing the U.S. is doing there is harvesting opium? Because that is what is happening. The Taliban is just an excuse used by the military to explain why U.S. troops are still in Afghanistan to this day. The real reason is avoided at all costs; that of ramping up poppy production to feed a worldwide opium addiction, thereby making profits for those who are in control of this mess!

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    • As far as I can see, Shelby, our so-called elected government is being led by the nose by Wall Street banks and corporations determined to increase their profits by any means necessary. And I agree with Alfred McCoy’s In the Shadows of the American Century that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will spell the downfall of the US empire.


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