Mainstream News Quietly Admits that Food Quality is a Major Cause of Cancer

Corporate media finally acknowledges that nearly half of all cancers are potentially preventable with dietary and lifestyle changes.

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By Alex Pietrowski, Waking Times (Thanks to Natural Blaze)

For years it has been a supposed mystery, but it is finally being acknowledged that a primary cause of cancer in the world today is diet. Studies are now showing that obesity plays an enormous role in one’s chances of getting cancer, and the main cause of obesity is the type of foods people eat. It is in large part a lifestyle disease, and the most important relevant lifestyle choice is food.

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5 thoughts on “Mainstream News Quietly Admits that Food Quality is a Major Cause of Cancer

  1. Really? Seriously? I am shocked, SHOCKED, I say! Total sarcasm there. This is another ‘no brainer’. There have been studies that proved that cancer was not prevalent in ancient times. And cancer deaths have worsened since the mass production of food. Corporations don’t care if they kill people and if they don’t kill you with the food, they’ll kill you with their ‘killer’ medications. Ever notice how many side effects of medicines include DEATH?

    People better start thinking community gardening and for those who eat meat, know your butcher, personally. But a sad fact is that ground soil practically everywhere has been heavily contaminated with toxic chemicals from runoff from agricultural sites and fracking sites and chemicals from overturned trains spilling into our waterways. Good luck finding decent soil in order to grow your own veggies. I know…I know…I’m such an optimist.


    • It makes you wonder why it took the corporate media so long to acknowledge this fact, doesn’t it Shelby? Growing industrial hemp is the best way to decontaminate soil – at least this is what they are doing in other countries, including Chernobyl, where they are using it to remove radioactive contamination.

      I’m not sure exactly what’s happening with hemp in the US – I know Obama signed a bill in 2014 to make hemp growing legal if a state approved it as a “research project.”

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