4 thoughts on “Cooking with Non-Stick Pans? You May Want to Read This

  1. This should be a ‘no brainer’! It really should. When chemicals are added to cookware to make them non-stick, a light bulb should have turned on inside every head and said, “Whoa! Something just ain’t right with this!” But oh no! Stupid lit up instead and non-stick cookware is all the rage. As you know, stupid is all the rage too and unfortunately, stupid ain’t going nowhere no time soon, not in America at any rate..


  2. I’m reading a great book now, Shelby, called the DuPont dynasty, which goes into great detail about how the company got their start – all the bribery and corruption and concealment of scientific studies revealing the enormous danger of the chemicals they created. Gerard Colby first tried to publish the book in the mid-70s, but the family blocked him even though he went all the way to the Supreme Court. He finally published it as an ebook a few years ago because that’s the only way he could get the information into the public domain.

    It’s 800 pages longer and reveals everything about how crooks like the DuPont family came to control American democracy.


  3. It is NOT stupid to have a decent WMF or Fissler non stick pan. They hold for 20 years when not cut, bruised or heated far over 160° regularly and they cook within minutes everything you put into it and save electricity or gas.
    The problem are very, very cheap pans which leach out within a year and cost about a tenth of the lower line of mentioned brands. The high end brands also leak, but way less as shown by their durability.
    Plain metal pans may be better, but most are Aluminium, not steel and steel pans are too heavy for most old folks (read: Old women over 75). If those pans would not leak chemicals into the waste water, they would be perfect for old folks who still want to cook something. Yes, they poison themselves, but I guess they can live with the risk of not becoming 120.


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