Friday Funny: Fish are no longer depressed in the ocean thanks to Prozac

Prozac killing ocean fish – but at least they’re not depression any longer.

Watts Up With That?

Earlier this week, The New York Times had a story about fish and depression. Apparently, it’s a thing because… Science!

“The neurochemistry is so similar that it’s scary,” said Julian Pittman, a professor at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Troy University in Alabama, where he is working to develop new medications to treat depression, with the help of tiny zebrafish. We tend to think of them as simple organisms, “but there is a lot we don’t give fish credit for.”


Well there’s good news, apparently thanks to the depression treatments of higher animals, including homo sapiens and their pets, the ocean is being flooded with Prozac. Oh, wait, that’s bad for crabs according to Portand State University:

Prozac in ocean water a possible threat to sea life, PSU study finds

(Portland, Ore.) October 17, 2017 – Oregon shore crabs exhibit risky behavior when they’re…

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4 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Fish are no longer depressed in the ocean thanks to Prozac

  1. But seriously, none of us should be depressed or suicidal or psychotic seeing as how there are massive amounts of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics in our drinking water and since rivers flow into the oceans, why would it be a stretch of the imagination to believe that fish are now absorbing our medications? It’s not!

    It is quite apparent that no amount of anti-psychotics or anti-depressants is doing a damn thing to cause that shit to cease and desist in ‘humans’ because if it did, would we still be psychologically $ucked up?

    It has long been MY belief that the field of psychiatry is pure bullshit because if my situation is intolerable, damn right I’m depressed and some more shit and no amount of filling me with poison pills is going to make my life better. If I lose my job and my ability to keep a roof over my head or even if someone in my family is so damn sick that I cannot stomach looking at them writhe in pain, again, no amount of anti-depressants is going to make me feel better. Throwing pills at people is NOT the answer. People need REAL solutions to REAL problems and not just some damn ‘happy pills’ and told to come back when you need a refill. For the love of !!!!!


  2. I agree totally, Shelby. Retiring from psychiatry to become a full time activist is the best decision I ever made. The best treatment I ever saw for psychotic disorders was a program in Malaysia that supported patients in starting self-governing co-housing arrangements and small businesses. The money they brought in from the small businesses paid for the housing – so there was virtually no government investment required beyond the staff supervisors. The mentally ill are essentially written off in the developed world – which means no one is seriously interested in seeing them get better.

    Even the current science suggests that treating depression and mental illness by trying to adjust brain chemicals is the totally wrong approach – that the origin of these illnesses stems from an imbalance in intestinal bacteria.

    Thanks for your comment.e


  3. I think I have seen one at some point – and the US was definitely at the very top. Many years ago when I was prescribing SSRIs I found they weren’t very effective in treating depression (long term studies show they are about as effective as placebo. However because of their sexual side effects, they’re great for treating premature ejaculation. I had several men come to me seeking them for this reason.


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