Mumia Abu Jamal on Puerto Rico: ’A colony by any name’

Puerto Ricans are colonial subjects of the US empire.

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Mumia Abu Jamal on Puerto Rico: ’A colony by any name’

On Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to what was called the West Indies, he visited Puerto Rico, called Boriquen by the native Arawaks dwelling on the island.

Columbus docked in November, 1493, and with him came the force and greed of the Spanish Empire. For four centuries Spain brought imperial exploitation, slavery, repression and death to the Arawak, and in their place arose a new people: the mixture of southern Europeans from Spain, the remnant of Indians, and Africans.

After the U.S. pushed a weakened Spain out of Cuba, it seized Puerto Rico as well.

From that seizure in 1898 by the U.S., until today, Puerto Rico has been an American property, under the U.S. government’s thumb.

Did you know that Puerto Ricans can’t vote for president? That they on the island can’t vote in general elections?

They fight in every American wars–and die in every conflict.

When U.S. businesses open…

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5 thoughts on “Mumia Abu Jamal on Puerto Rico: ’A colony by any name’

  1. Why am I not surprised! The Puerto Ricans have been treated like shit! But then, who hasn’t been treated like shit by this hellhole? And I am so tired of hearing that this ’empire’ is collapsing. The only collapsing that’s going on are those who were already well into collapsing before there was talk of this ’empire’ collapsing.

    As long as Wal-Marts and McDonalds are open for those who can still afford to shop and eat out, what does Puerto Rico’s problems have to do with them? Only when something affects us, personally, will we then get upset about it, but as long as it’s happening to someone else, we don’t care.


  2. What makes me really sad, Shelby, is that I really believe the massive vote for Donald Trump by blue collar whites was a protest vote – against the declining standard of living the entire US working class is experiencing. Blue collar whites were deceived into voting for Trump while African Americans and Hispanics were deceived into voting for Hillary Clinton. Although were clearly pro-corporate candidates and supporting business as usual. Thanks for commenting.


    • What else is sad is that many millions did not vote for the reason being that there was just nothing to vote for. Many did just as I did and refused to stand in long lines to vote for Dog No. 1 or Dog No. 2 because we knew that either way, we’d get shitted on.


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