Was Senator Paul Wellstone Assassinated?


Snowshoe Films (2009)

Film Review


This documentary assesses the physical evidence suggesting the plane crash that killed Senator Paul Wellstone in October 2002 was actually an assassination. Wellstone, elected by Minnesota’s Democratic Farm Labor Party, was a true populist like Bernie Sanders. In addition to being the only candidate running for re-election who opposed the US invasion of Iraq, he was also raising questions about the official version of 9-11.

With his death – only 10 days before election day – his seat passed to his Republican opponent – granting Republicans regained control of both houses of Congress.

Among the anomalies explored in this film are

  • the strange electrical fire (which the National Air Safety Board neglects to mention in their report) that melted copper components in the instrument panel.
  • the loss of strobe and other warning lights (which the NASB report also neglects to mention), pointing to electrical failure preceding the crash.
  • the mysterious disappearance of the cockpit voice recorder (black box)
  • the discrepancy between witness statements and the NASB report about the altitude of the plane when it stalled out (according to eyewitnesses it was 75-90 feet, while the report indicates 1,000 feet).
  • the failure of the pilots to call in a warning of the crash to air traffic controllers.
  • the failure of the NASB (or FBI investigators) to mention links between one of the pilots, Michael Grass, and the “20th 9-11 hijacker” Zacarias Moussaoui. Moussaoui’s computer, the one FBI investigator Colleen Rawley failed to get a warrant for, had Michael Guess’s aviation instruction software on it.
  • the failure of the NASB to hold a public hearing on the crash, which is routine in high profile cases.
  • the conclusion reached by the NASB that Wellstone’s plane crashed due to “pilot error” without presenting a shred of evidence to support this conclusion.

Independent forensic experts who reviewed both the evidence and the NASB report concluded that Wellstone’s plane crashed because the pilots were incapacitated in some way. There were a number of odd electronic anomalies reported in the vicinity of the crash that Minnesota assassination researcher Jim Fetzer believes are compatible with a directed electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or microwave weapon similar to those the Pentagon was experimenting with in Iraq.

At exactly 10.18 (two seconds before the aircraft stalled) a Duluth lobbyist traveling to the same funeral as Wellstone and his family heard a loud wailing/humming sound on his cellphone. At the exact same time a number of residents south of the airport reported garage doors mysteriously opening. In addition, a local meterologist reported a large hole in the ice clouds immediately above the crash area. This, too, would have been consistent with a directed EMP weapon.

11 thoughts on “Was Senator Paul Wellstone Assassinated?

  1. I had just moved to Minnesota and like many others, I too, believed that Paul Wellstone had been assassinated. Many Minnesotans were devastated by the loss of Paul Wellstone. Having only recently arrived, I had been made aware of his many accomplishments and found myself mourning his loss. It is a crying shame that this can be done to good people, who are few and far between anyway, and nothing is done about it. We lost a truly wonderful, kind and compassionate human being when Paul Wellstone was assassinated. We all should know who the rotten apples are in political circles because they are never assassinated.

    Great post!


    • I was always a big fan of Paul Wellstone because he was one of the first senators to advocate for single payer health care – which I campaigned for during the last 16 years I lived in the US. all these extra-judicial killings of “inconvenient” people leaves absolutely no doubt that we are being deceived by all the leaders who claim the “rule of law” make the US a beacon for the rest of the civilized world. The US has one law for rich people – who can do pretty much what they please – and another for the rest of us.

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  2. It was so long ago that I don’t remember everything, but someone said they had communicated with Senator Wellstone shortly before his death. He was going to look into corruption by bankruptcy trustees. He was happy to hear that and passed the word around. Someone in a bankruptcy court battle let the cat out of the bag and BAM! Senator Wellstone ended up dead via a plane crash.


  3. Wellstone was the real deal – a threat to the establishment Democrats as well as the GOP. As good as Bernie has been, Paul far surpassed him ideologically and would’ve made a better Presidential candidate.


  4. I agree totally, Rick. Wellstone would have made a fantastic presidential candidate. I wonder, though, if he could have beaten the vote rigging in 2000 and 2004 that denied both Al Gore and John Kerry the presidency.


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