It’s Time To Pay Real Attention to Children’s Health

American children are among the most unhealthy in the world.

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Every year, the President of the United States issues a proclamation in honor of Child Health Day (the first Monday of October), which in turn launches Children’s Health Month. President Calvin Coolidge was the first president to dedicate a special day to children’s health, in 1928, recognizing that “the conservation and promotion of child health places upon us a grave responsibility.” The U.S. is not living up to that vital responsibility and, in fact, is failing children miserably. American children’s ability to develop and thrive is being sabotaged by an avalanche of chronic ailments, with pediatric rates of some chronic conditions among the highest in the world.

An abysmal children’s health report card

Nationally representative studies show that the chronic disease burden shouldered by children in the U.S. is not only heavy but has increased steadily over the past three decades. One of these studies

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Pay Real Attention to Children’s Health

  1. This is just sad and pathetic! Many children are to this very day, being poisoned by lead based paint. Many are living in households that are infested with rodents. Many have no heath insurance thanks to the Republicans making damn sure that Medicaid is practically non-existent in the states they ‘govern’. They don’t care about poor children for what can they do FOR them? And don’t get me started on the fact of how many children are homeless or who go to bed hungry at night. Those issues certainly do not make for a healthy child. For the love of !!!!!


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