BofA Coerces Homeowners Into Keeping Quiet About Their Victory

Deliberate suppression of successful foreclosure verdicts discourages victims from challenging them in court.

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Most lawyers, most judges and most homeowners are under the mistaken impression that they cannot win a foreclosure battle. They don’t hear about all the homeowners who were successful. There are tens of thousands of them. Any news, like the $45 million verdict described in the article below, is squelched.

This time the Judge is not so interested in accepting the settlement that includes a news blackout. He thinks the world should know just how brutal BofA acted in flagrant disregard of law, procedure and basic decency.

Homeowners who won are silenced through coercion — in order to get the fruits of their victory they feel they must sign an agreement in which they will be restricted by total confidentiality (blackout) of any news or information about their case. Their attorneys understandably advise their client to sign the agreement because that is the safe thing to do for their client…

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3 thoughts on “BofA Coerces Homeowners Into Keeping Quiet About Their Victory

  1. This should be illegal, having to sign a ‘confidentiality clause’ because people should be made aware of the fact that sometimes they can ‘win’ against these behemoth companies that prey on average people. It is a sin and a shame that lawyers are also getting away with encouraging their clients to sign these types of clauses, but when all is said and done, the same lawyers have worked for big companies before heading over to the other side. They all do it. When lawyers first become lawyers, they work for big companies, like insurance companies; that is how they cut their teeth.

    I cannot tell you how many lawyers I have had that have told me that they worked for the big insurance companies before opening law offices to handle personal injury claims. A win-win for them because they make deals that the injured are never made aware of. Both know exactly how much the personal injury lawyer is going to make above and beyond what his clients gets. It’s just disgusting!


  2. I agree, Shelby. It definitely should be illegally it’s been more than 10 years now, hasn’t it, that banks have been mass foreclosing on home owners? And this is the first I’ve heard of them being successfully sued in court.


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