For All the World to See: Police Riot Brutality Videos and Images in Spain

According to Al Jazeera, 73% of the polling stations remained open and 27% were closed by national police. Counting has begun.


Hello prime minister Mariano Rajoy. This is what the world sees of you.

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6 thoughts on “For All the World to See: Police Riot Brutality Videos and Images in Spain

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  2. 844 people were injured yesterday, and
    Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy said “no referendum had been held today”.
    So, what was that?

    This planet is really cosmic joke!


  3. I’m Spanish, not Catalonian, but understand perfectly them trying to get independence. Another astonishing fact is that we must read news in internet to know what is happening in Spain. The Spanish conventional newspapers and television are saying that police behaviour was “proportioned and necessary”.
    And the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said yesterday after the attacks of his police against people “We are an example to the world”. Damnit idiot. Anyway he can’t speak nor read English, so he will not know what the world think really about him,

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  4. Al Jazeera has had pretty good coverage of the referendum. They’ve had several analysts on who attribute the popular pressure for a referendum to widespread anger over Spain’s extreme right wing government – the fact that it looks little different from Spain under the dictator Franco.


  5. Indeed, the governing party is successor of Franco. They never have condemned Franco’s dictatorship, not even accept the minimal critic to Franco, give subsidies to foundations for the advocacy of Franco… and currently police beat people like Franco’s police used to do.
    About the little differences from Spain under Franco, they are trying to solve that. The former president Aznar said some weeks ago that in 1978 was given too much to the left wing and now was time to make up lost ground.


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