Study confirms that fluoride causes weight gain and depression

New peer reviewed study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health finds that certain areas of England with fluoridated community water have increased rates of hypothyroidism. It’s one of the largest studies to examine the adverse effects of elevated fluoride exposure.


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(NaturalNews) The debate over water fluoridation goes back to the 1940s when communities began fluoridating water to prevent tooth decay. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the fluoridation of water was one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in soil and water in varying amounts. It is believed to combat tooth decay and cavities by making enamel more resistant to bacteria. However, previous studies have shown that exposure to high levels of fluoride inhibits the production of iodine, which is crucial for a healthy thyroid.

It is for this reason that adding extra fluoride to water for the purpose of medical treatment has become a controversial topic of heated debate. For decades, fluoride has been forced upon us by governments who have spiked our drinking water to improve oral health. However, there is a growing body…

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9 thoughts on “Study confirms that fluoride causes weight gain and depression

  1. They why does NHS now pay for free fluoride treatments for all children by dentists and why is special fluoride toothpaste used on the learning disabled and autistic in their residential care homes and schools for life with recommendations not to rinse teeth ???


    • Finolamoss, the study only applies to fluoridated water supplies. When people are forced to drink fluoridated water and use it in cooking, it’s fairly easy to estimate the daily dose they are getting. It’s far more difficult to estimate the dose they get from fluoride treatments or toothpaste.


      • Thank you for this clarification, but as it is instructed on the toothpaste not to rinse and as the dental treatment remains on the teeth there must by necessity be quite a bit of ingestion into the system from these processes that can be assimilated to this study. Best Wishes Finola


        • Oh yeah, that’s the way my parents drank it too, but I’m not really wild about the taste of bourbon so gulping down the shot and then drowning it with straight eggnog afterwards is a much more pleasant way to drink it. Plus, by the time you down 3 or 4 shots you. are. flying! 😎


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