Catalonia Revolution: Hundreds of Thousands block and defy Military police Repression

At this point, the only way Spain’s central government can stop the referendum is to send in the army and declare war on Catalonia.

The Free

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 Yesterday 20th Sept 2017 was a key day in Catalonia as thousands of military police invaded Barcelona city and began searching government offices of the local government, which is having its finances seized, and arresting public officials.
The response was unbelievable, on an ordinary weekday gigantic crowds appeared in Barcelona, Catalonia and around Spain. The police were blockaded and frustrated and withdrew when they finally could.
The day was a victory despite everything in that it showed it will be impossible to stop the Referendum without tens of thousands more imported police  who are needed elsewhere. the only other option would be to call in the army.
we reproduce here part of a live feed, roughly translated

Catalunya: Multitudinous mobilization against the ‘state of exception’ and in defense of freedoms and referendum

By the National. cat

From this morning and in response to the police intervention against the institutions…

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