Russia Refutes US Accusation About Bombing Coalition Forces

A statement by US forces operating illegally in Syria lied, claiming:

“At approximately 12:30 a.m. GMT Sept. 16, Russian forces struck a target east of the Euphrates River in Syria near (Deir Ezzor), causing injuries to Coalition partner forces. Several (US-supported terrorist) fighters were wounded and received medical care as a result of the strike.”

Russian war aviation has been critical in the fight against US-supported terrorists.

On Sunday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov categorically denied the accusation, saying:

“To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian forces in Syria gave the US (forces) an advance notice, through an existing communications channel, on the borders within which the military operation in (Deir Ezzor) would be conducted.”

“The priority targets for destruction are the (ISIS) firing positions from which they are leading large-scale attacks on the Syrian forces.”

If coalition terrorists are in ISIS-controlled areas, it’s further proof of US support for this scourge.

On Sunday, Syrian forces liberated Jafrah, a strategic town northeast of Deir Ezzor’s military airport, improving its security, controlling areas surrounding it, closing off ISIS’ land-based exits from the city, the Euphrates River their only option.

Continued progress by government and allied forces in Deir Ezzor heads steadily towar eliminating ISIS in and around the city, a major triumph once accomplished, its last stronghold in the country liberated.

As US-supported SDF terrorists advance on the city, clashes with government and allied forces could follow.

Assad vowed to liberate Syria entirely. Washington has other ideas, wanting control over as much Syrian territory as it can grab.

On Sunday, Assad said some Western countries continue supporting anti-government territories – meaning America and its rogue allies, NATO and regional ones.

On Friday, “political prostitute” Nikki Haley said Washington won’t accept Syria under Assad’s leadership.

Regime change remains US policy – conflict resolution cooperation with Russia pure fantasy.

Source: Russia Refutes US Accusation About Bombing Coalition Forces

4 thoughts on “Russia Refutes US Accusation About Bombing Coalition Forces

  1. And who are these “coalition forces”? The US has consistently refused to cooperate with Turkey on the Syrian issue, and most of the US’s Western allies no longer want to support Uncle Sam’s immoral depredations, so their current partners are Kurdish terrorists, flying American flags!


  2. One senses the speeches at the 72nd Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly will be remembered as the most influential and powerful ever delivered to date. The manner in which life on Earth is transforming evokes awe, in particular the rapidity at which major changes are occurring


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