World’s Largest Car Market Turns to Electric Vehicles

electric car

China is preparing to announce the date from which internal combustion engine car sales will be banned, joining Norway, France, and the UK, among others, that have declared a complete shift to electric vehicles.

Bloomberg quoted the country’s vice minister of industry and information technology, Xin Guobin, as saying the ministry is working with regulators on the timetable of the phasing-out. The deadline could be set for more than two decades from now, at least according to a manager from China’s biggest passenger car exporter, Chery Automobile Co. Liu Zhijia believes a deadline after 2040 is a reasonable one given the size of China’s passenger car market, leaving carmakers enough time to adjust. . .

Source: World’s Largest Car Market Turns to Electric Vehicles

2 thoughts on “World’s Largest Car Market Turns to Electric Vehicles

  1. Well, the good new Lara is that even big oil companies like Exxon see the writing on the wall and are starting to invest big time in renewables. This is mainly for two reasons – first banks won’t finance to gas, oil or coal fired power plans and second consumers are abandoning fossil fuels like mad because renewable energy is so much cheaper. The main reason the Saudis are keeping the price of oil below $50 a barrel is because they know they can’t compete with renewables if it goes higher than that.

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