Neglected infrastructure and uncontrolled development left Houston vulnerable

Mostly the problem comes down to helter-skelter development in a county with no zoning, leaving lots of concrete where water doesn’t drain, and little green space to absorb it. In general, developers run Houston and whatever developers want they get.

Journal of People


People’s World | August 30, 2017

HOUSTON (AP) — Houston’s system of bayous and reservoirs was built to drain a tabletop-flat city prone to heavy rains. But its Depression-era design is no match for the stresses brought by explosive development and ever-wetter storms.

Nearly any city would be overwhelmed by the more than 4 feet of rain that Hurricane Harvey has dumped since Friday, but Houston is unique in its regular massive floods and inability to cope with them. This is the third 100-year-or-more type of flood in three years.

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4 thoughts on “Neglected infrastructure and uncontrolled development left Houston vulnerable

  1. And has been an ongoing problem in many areas of this hole and it will continue.

    The infrastructure all over this country is deteriorating rapidly and there are no fixes in place and there will be none. Developers don’t give a damn for those people flooded out and everyday Americans don’t have sense to raise a hue and cry over this.

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  2. Shelby, I was even more interested by a news report yesterday on the BBC that Houston extremely cheap flood insurance that encourages people to keep rebuilding homes every time they get flooded out. Some people have rebuilt 5 times in the last ten years because they know insurance companies will keep bailing them out.

    And because property developers control the Houston city council, it’s impossible to pass regulations to ban new housing in the flood plain.

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  3. It seems that some profits count more than others, Rosaliene. I can’t imagine why insurance companies continue to participate in this farce. They are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in flood claims and are some of the biggest fans of reducing carbon emissions.


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