Slumping College Enrollment Signals Americans Are No Longer Buying The College Lie

Nowadays potential college students are looking for ways outside the college system to make themselves desirable to employers.

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Authored by Keli’i Akina via,

For decades, teachers and parents around the country have been repeating the same message to children: ?To have a bright future, you need to go to college.?

But now, in Hawaii at least, it?s starting to look like the younger generation isn?t buying it.

Across the state, University of Hawaii college enrollment has plummeted by 15 percent in just six years, from a high of 60,300 students in 2012 to 51,300 as of 2017.

Trying to explain this decline, university President David Lassner pointed to the fact that college enrollment has been declining around the country. Some have blamed demographics, citing the decline in birthrates. Others blame economic factors such as an improving economy, which may entice high school graduates into the workforce instead.

In response, the state is attempting to bolster enrollment by (what else?) throwing money at the problem. There…

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2 thoughts on “Slumping College Enrollment Signals Americans Are No Longer Buying The College Lie

  1. There comes a time when Reality knocks on our door. After eight years of financial sacrifice, my son has finally paid off his student loans for a two-year Associate Degree at a for-profit college. A life put on hold begins anew.


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