Watch Abby Martin Expose the Absurdity of Capitalism with the Zeitgeist Founder – 83% of all Stock Owned by 1% of Population

The Zeitgeist films have been extremely popular among younger New Zealanders – I’m constantly surprised how savvy many of them are about the role of private banks in creating money – based on their involvement in this movement.

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


(MR) — Abby Martin sits down with Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, to discuss his most recent book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement’ and his urgent call for global activists to replace the violent oppression that defines our economic order.

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Founded in 2008, the Zeitgeist Movement is “a global sustainability activist movement presenting the case for the needed transition out of our current unsustainable economic model and into a new sustainable socioeconomic paradigm based on using the best that science and technology have to offer to maximize human, animal and environmental well being in accordance with the natural world.” The movement utilizes a network of regional chapters, teams, events, charity work and media to conduct community based activism and increase awareness.

Having a background in advertising and equity trading…

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3 thoughts on “Watch Abby Martin Expose the Absurdity of Capitalism with the Zeitgeist Founder – 83% of all Stock Owned by 1% of Population

  1. He gives an excellent presentation of problems and solutions, but how do we deal with the ever-present obstruction in the darkness of human nature? Small, homogeneous groups such as a kibbutz may work for a while, but there will always be forces in dominance, greed, and envy to keep us from Utopia – or Eden. These flaws exist in animal life other than that of homogeneous sapiens (of all colors.)


  2. After 32 years working with children as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, all I can say marblenecltr is that I don’t share you views on human nature. Children aren’t born with dominance, greed and envy. They are born with a natural instinct to share and cooperate. In my experience most women keep this instinct as it’s essential in child rearing. It’s true that some men are shaped by the capitalist system to be violent, dominant, greedy and envious. But in my experience this is a relatively small minority.


    • A look at history and current events has influenced my thinking; I don’t see how a small minority of men have kept the world in perpetual conflict, capitalism, feudalism, or anything else. A definition of “capitalism” would be helpful in any discussion of the subject. I can’t go with Jean-Jacque Rousseau’s “Emile.”


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