The Latest Red Flag For U.S. Shale

Wall Street questions financial viability of fracking industry. Just like coal and gas fired power plants, if Wall Street banks refuse to fund fracking operations, they can’t happen.

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Authored by Nick Cunningham via,

The U.S. shale industry has had a rough few weeks, with a growing number of reports suggesting that the industry is facing much more financial trouble than many analysts had expected. Now, a new report adds further evidence to the notion that shale is losing its luster in a $50 per barrel market, with producers forgoing shale in favor of older wells.

U.S. shale was thought to be the most competitive source of oil out there, and indeed the industry appears to be ramping up production at today?s prices. Shale had adapted to a $50 per barrel market, producers had streamlined operations to make them almost resemble an assembly line, and in a volatile and unpredictable market, the short-cycle nature of shale drilling made it one of the least risky options for drillers.

But in just a few weeks? time, investors are starting to

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2 thoughts on “The Latest Red Flag For U.S. Shale

  1. Still, if they can hold out till they’ve installed puppet governments in Venezuela and Ecuador, they’ll have achieved their goal. And Wall St will be claiming the moral high ground. Doesn’t it make you want to cry?


  2. Alan, I don’t think they can install a puppet government in Venezuela without boots on the ground – not with nearly half the population mobilized to oppose it. It would be the Spanish Civil War all over again.


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