Colorado Town Pledges 100% Renewable Energy – North American Windpower

On Tuesday, the Nederland, Colo., city council unanimously voted to power Nederland with 100% clean, renewable energy by 2025. The vote came shortly after the cities of Orlando, Fla., and Nevada City, Calif., established similar goals last week.


According to Sierra Club, Nederland now represents the 42nd city in the U.S. to officially commit to 100% renewables and the fourth city in Colorado, joining Pueblo, Boulder and Aspen. The Sierra Club says transitioning to clean energy is critical for Rocky Mountain towns like Nederland that are already facing the effects of climate change with an increase of extreme weather, including drought and forest fires. . .

Source: Colorado Town Pledges 100% Renewable Energy – North American Windpower

4 thoughts on “Colorado Town Pledges 100% Renewable Energy – North American Windpower

  1. The environmental obsession to wean the planet off of fossil fuels has blown up into an insanity all its own. Next to man-caused global warming (climate change) the deadly game that governments have played to convince people to disconnect themselves from the wonders of efficient crude oil using the force of government, is the biggest ruse every perpetrated on the masses since the dawn of civilization….


    • I tend to disagree, amaezed, for two main reasons: 1. Renewable energy is far cheaper than fossil fuels – this is the main reason people are going solar in New Zealand – they can’t tolerate the already high power bills that keep increasing every six months. 2. Renewable energy offers communities the opportunity to generate their power locally (and pay reasonable prices) instead of being under the vice grip of monopoly oil, gas and coal companies.

      The shift to renewable energy is being driving by people and banks, not governments. By people based on its low cost. By banks based on their refusal to finance oil and coal fired power pants and grid upgrades. Governments, who are clearly on the side of fossil fuel companies (which finance all their campaigns) are dragging their feet as usual.

      If you haven’t read the book The Switch, you should really have a look – it explains the financial intricacies of the renewable energy revolution.


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