Conservative State Of Texas Is Saying No To Mass Incarceration

Begun in 2011, the Texas prison closure project has crimes rates dropping faster than any other state. Numerous studies show that lengthy incarceration significantly increases re-offending rates.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of trump w jeff sessions JEFF SESSIONS/ DONALD TRUMP

There is the republican President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is a throw back to the past into what it means to be “tough on crime” with the continuation of mass incarceration, etc., which are being challenged by conservative states like Texas which are doing away with this antiquated, expensive and ineffective crime fighting methods. And this is with the State of Texas which does not have a reputation for being easy on crime, nor for its humane practices towards prison inmates.

And not only is the State of Texas saving monies, bigly but crime rates are lower.

Still, this year (2017) Texas lawmakers rejected proposals to reduce drug offense penalties and to keep 17-year-olds in the juvenile justice system, as other states do. But a lot of the savings due to the shutting down of prisons is now being used to provide more drug…

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5 thoughts on “Conservative State Of Texas Is Saying No To Mass Incarceration

  1. Good evening Red Kiwi. If a reactionary political establishment is rebuffing the use of mass incarceration of Minorities as a social tool to silence them, thennthete might be hope forvthe thousands of Americans unjustly kept behind bars for totally minor offenses. Arrivederci!


  2. Kia ora, molaplume. Thanks for your comment. We’re hoping the example of Texas will help persuade the government of New Zealand to quit locking up our indigenous Maori. New Zealand has the 2nd highest incarceration rate in the world and that’s nothing to boast about.


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