US already had A Korean anti-nuke Peace Deal but Violated Every Single Clause

The US has arrogantly broken every single clause of this 1994 agreement.

The Free

U.S. signed a nuke deal with N Korea; then totally trashed it

Why the US’s 1994 deal with North Korea failed – and what Trump can learn from it Image result for US violated every clause of korean peace deal

…  by michaellee, shared with thanks       If the Trump administration is to avoid spiralling into a nuclear confrontation with North Korea, it needs to understand what North Korea wants and why it behaves the way it does..

‘The North Korean leaders believe, with ample evidence, that they are in a desperate survival race against a rogue superpower which has destroyed a whole series of countries (recently Iraq, Libya, Yemen..) using its military power to try and reassert its dwindling economic hegemony’. The US has 28,500 troops in 11 US military bases in South Korea

… Under the terms of the 1994 framework, North Korea agreed to freeze and ultimately dismantle its nuclear programme in exchange for “the full…

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4 thoughts on “US already had A Korean anti-nuke Peace Deal but Violated Every Single Clause

    • I think this type of announcement is just meant to intimidate the the general public, futuret. As private business entities have no way to prepare for mass death – if they stock up on supplies and the mass deaths don’t occur it will bankrupt them.


  1. This type of protest requires years of dedication and self-sacrifice, Aunty. At the moment, it’s really hard to persuade people to give up paid work and family life for a life of public service and protest. I see attitudes changing quickly among millennials, though, which is a hopeful sign.


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