Equis Energy secures approval for 1 GW Australian solar farm



Equis Energy has secured approval to begin constructing one of the largest solar farms in the world – a 1 GW installation in the Australian state of Queensland.

The Western Downs Regional Council has approved the plans submitted by Singapore-based renewable energy developer Equis Energy to build the AU$1.5 billion to $2 billion project.

Equis Energy chairman David Russell confirmed to pv magazine on Friday that the developer had been given the greenlight to build the Wandoan South Solar Projects (WSSP), stating: “The project will not only provide significant amounts of low-cost clean energy, but will also generate new jobs and training opportunities, with millions of dollar invested throughout local communities.

“The WSSP will have the ability to add battery storage when commercially feasible. This will allow energy to be stored and facilitate the generation of power into the evening,” added Russell.

The project is expected to generate up to 400 jobs during the construction phase, according to local Mayor Paul McVeigh. . .

Source: BREAKING: Equis Energy secures approval for 1 GW Australian solar farm

9 thoughts on “Equis Energy secures approval for 1 GW Australian solar farm

  1. I gotta say (*spoiler* – humor alert)…
    If they can up it to 1.21 GW then they have the power needed (theoretically) to travel in time. LoL

    Good luck!
    That’s a whole lot of power


  2. I have a good friend from Aussie, gerard. Thus far he sees no way the coal mine is going to get financed. No bank is going to finance a massive coal mine when they know coal is going to be dead in 5 years (for the simple reason consumers are switching to renewables because they’re so much cheaper). He’s saying the only way it can happen is if Australian taxpayers pay for it – which given the high level of corruption in Australian government is highly likely.

    This development will be a real shot in the arm for renewables in New Zealand. Kiwis like to see themselves as clean and green and Australia as besmirched by coal mines and fracking wells. They will hate to think of the Aussies getting ahead of them in renewable energy (or anything else for that matter).


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