Descendants Of Freed Slaves Fight Amazon Land Grab

Written By Asha French, Contributor

Amazon wants to cover a Northern Virginia community in asphalt, pave over gravesites, homes, and a Civil War battleground to make way for a power plant.

Via: Descendants Of Freed Slaves Fight Amazon Land Grab

4 thoughts on “Descendants Of Freed Slaves Fight Amazon Land Grab

  1. This is an outrageous atrocity! And more communities need to band together to put a stop to this. But as always, the rich don’t have this mess happening in their neighborhoods, but those who are not rich, but who own their homes are dealt a terrible blow. And another sad fact is that they are probably not even attempting to pay these people what their homes are worth and even then, many don’t want to sell because of what their home and the land means to them and I don’t blame them.

    Black people have a hard enough time owning a home and then some giant like Amazon can just decide to run some high voltage power lines through it to build yet another huge operating plant. I have never bought anything off Amazon and I never will. Unfortunately, there are too few like me!


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