Ray McGovern: The Deep State Assault on Elected Government Must Be Stopped

Despite my dislike of Trump, I agree 100% with what McGovern says here. The current propaganda campaign against Trump is a battle between the Deep State and elected government. The CIA and the CIA-controlled media are and have always been an instrument of Wall Street. It’s a hard truth all Americans must face to have any hope of restoring the integrity of democratic government.

Counter Information

You may not like everything Donald Trump does, but will you let the CIA and GCHQ remove him from office?


Ray McGovern, a 27-year veteran of the CIA and co-founder of VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) speaks on Trumpgate: the hogwash claims that Vladimir Putin put Trump in power and runs his policy. This isn’t true, and represents, not a Democrat-Republican fight, but a fight between elected government and the Deep State.

Posted July 27, 2017


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7 thoughts on “Ray McGovern: The Deep State Assault on Elected Government Must Be Stopped

    • I really enjoyed Family of Secrets. I never expected a fairly mainstream reporter like Russ Baker to be addressing the Bush conspiracy behind Watergate that May Brussell first exposed in the 1980s.


  1. And of course, the ‘Deep State’ is attempting to get us to believe, by virtue of the lamestream media, that Trump’s poll numbers, even among his most staunch supporters, are heading into the toilet. I don’t believe it. The gloves are obviously off because not a day goes by that there is not some horrid scandal that’s associated with Trump’s presidency. They’ve even gone after his sons and practically everyone in his cabinet. It is a daily scandal fest and the media is salivating over all of this like rabid dogs attacking one bone amongst the lot of them.

    I am in no way claiming to ‘like’ everything about Trump, but I do say that if so many ‘elected’ officials and other powerful people are calling for his head on a platter, hourly, something he’s doing must be right.


  2. But, but, but, Shelby there is absolutely no evidence in any of these so-called scandals that Trump has done anything wrong. And they refuse to go after him for the real issues – his usage of the presidential role to ramp up his daily business profits by millions of dollars and his illegal bombing of Syria. I am so glad I don’t live in the US at this moment.


    • You should be glad, Dr. Bramhall. You were ever the smart one to get the hell out when you did. Of course you had valid reasons for leaving when you did, but as bad as things were then, they’re worse now.


  3. I am so beaming I don’t hot in the US at this consequence. And of line, the ‘Deep State’ is attempting to arrive us to think, by moral excellence of the lamestream media, that Trump’s canvass numbers, even among his most steadfast supporters, are heading into the john.


  4. What I find really ironic about Trump is that he’s accused of being insane for pursuing a totally insane US foreign policy. He’s just not as good as previous silver-tongued presidents who made it the US out to be a beacon of benevolent democracy – when it clearly wasn’t.


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