Kosovo – An Evil Little War (Almost) All US Candidates Liked

Bill Clinton’s war in Kosovo directly violated NATO’s charter, the UN Charter (articles 53 and 103), the 1975 Helsinki Final Act and the 1980 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. The war was a crime against peace: pure and simple.


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– Although the 2016 presidential election is still in the primaries phase, contenders have already brought up America’s failed foreign wars. Hillary Clinton is taking flak over Libya, and Donald Trump has irked the GOP by bringing up Iraq. But what of Kosovo?

The US-led NATO operation that began on March 24, 1999 was launched under the “responsibility to protect” doctrine asserted by President Bill Clinton and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. For 78 days, NATO targeted what was then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – which later split into Serbia and Montenegro – over alleged atrocities against ethnic Albanians in the southern province of Kosovo. Yugoslavia was accused of “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” as bombs rained on bridges, trains, hospitals, homes, the power grid and even refugee convoys.

NATO’s actions directly violated its own charter, the UN Charter (articles 53 and 103), the 1975 Helsinki Final…

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3 thoughts on “Kosovo – An Evil Little War (Almost) All US Candidates Liked

  1. The U.S. has never cared about violating charters or even about starting illegal wars of aggression against sovereign nations. This country was founded on war and has practically been at war in some form of another since. Why would this bloodthirsty nation stop at its borders when it can wreak havoc, worldwide and claim some moral high ground even though it has no leg to stand on with regards to claiming the championing of human rights and standing for freedom, justice and humanitarianism?


  2. The Kosovo Liberation Army (funded and trained by the CIA of course) is notorious for narcotics trafficking and providing ready made jihadists on demand – in Chechnya, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Philippines – as well as for false flag terror operations in the US, UK, France and Germany.


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