12 thoughts on “ISIS Morons Play Dress-Up In Mosul Siege, revealing total lack of fashion sense

  1. For the love of !!!! There is no way in hell that I would not recognize that really ugly man for being what he is, a really ugly man! I would have pulled his ass out of line so fast, his headscarf would have liked to choke him half to death. And I’ve seen some hairy-faced women, but by god, that takes the cake!


    • I’m just taking this at ‘face’ value. If the article states that this ‘man’ dressed in drag to escape from Mosul, who am I to argue with that? But if this is ‘fake’ news about some photo shopped nonsense, then still, no harm done.


  2. ‘Face’ value is no way to decide on important issues. The person who made the Photoshop picture has an agenda. I don’t have to remind you what that agenda is. You could’ve went on your merry way thinking it’s true. Now you know it’s not. The fork in the road. Go right or left. Be careful what you read or see. A ruse indeed. Cheers and have a good day 🙂


  3. Just trying to pick my way through this discussion without stepping on a landmine. For me the significance of this photo is the way it illustrates the serious sexual dysfunction of all so-called jihadists and the sick CIA bastards who fund and train them. Though it may well be photoshopped, it reveals an underlying truth that a lot of people are responding to.


  4. Yes that sex and death dichotomy is persistent in western culture everywhere. There is a slot machine in the casinos called QUEEN OF THE DEAD, it had a white faced skull head with bruised eyes and lips on top of a s3xuqlized young and full breasted scantily clothed body. Not smiling just staring. The correlation of violent abuse and sex appeal is eveywhere. This is promoted by the Mainstream media in all venues. Fashion, make up, even cartoons . Look who is behind all popular media driven culture, the same that is behind the Banks, War Machines, Political structure. I say the Synagogue of Satan.


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