Study: Over 99% of Former NFL Players Have Permanent Brain Damage

Helmets can only do so much. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)


By Katherine Ellen Foley

It’s the most damning evidence against the American football establishment to date.

A new study has found that 110 of 111 deceased former National Football League (NFL) players had evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), or permanent brain damage as a result of repeated blunt force injuries to the head. Such injuries can result in behavioral changes or cognitive decline, like memory loss or dementia.

The study, by a team of researchers led by Boston University and the Veteran’s Association in Boston, was published July 25 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers were looking at the association of CTE in football players in general, and were funded in part by both the Concussion Legacy Foundation and the NFL itself. More broadly, they found that 177 of 202 deceased players who played at any level (including college and semi-professional) for an average 15 years (ranging from roughly 10 to 20 years) also had evidence of CTE. . .

Source: Quartz Media

5 thoughts on “Study: Over 99% of Former NFL Players Have Permanent Brain Damage

  1. But I suppose those millions the players earn are worth it. The owners of the NFL’s compensation far surpasses that of the players without threat of serious injury while the players can expect dire health issues a few years down the road.

    Well, this just goes to show that grown men aren’t too smart if they can sign on for this knowing what lies ahead and I don’t even want to hear that it’s the only way they can make millions. Getting my head knocked around in my skull to the point of developing Parkinson’s or dementia or something similar is not something that I’d do even for millions and the sad fact is that many players, who were worth millions at one point in time, have died, sick and penniless or lived, but looking like they wish they weren’t. So much for having those millions.

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  2. There’s been a major cover up of this problem for years, Shelby. It took a Nigerian pathologist to fight back against the harassment to finally bring it to public attention. Will Smith played him in the film Concussion, which came out in 2015. In my opinion, it was Smith’s best role ever. He should have received an academy award for it – but you know how the feel about giving black people academy awards.

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    • Indeed, I do, Dr. Bramhall, hence why there was the push for Black actors/actresses to boycott the Oscars and the resulting Twitter storm, #Oscarssowhite! We are never recognized for our achievements. They only want to depict us on the evening news as getting arrested for selling a dime bag of weed.


  3. And take a look at rugby in New Zealand. They don’t wear helmets, and deliberately trying to injure an opponent is apart of the “game”. Now authorities are starting to understand the level of drug-taking to increase body size and power – even in schoolboy rugby.

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    • I have to admit NZ rugby terrifies me, Alan, not only from the perspective of head injuries but because of the culture of violence towards women all this steroid taking seems to cultivate.


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