New Zealand: Second Highest in Mass Incarceration

Locked Up Warriors

Al Jazeera (2013)

Film Review


Locked Up Warriors is an Al Jazeera documentary about New Zealand’s mass incarceration of its indigenous people.

New Zealand is second only to the US in its rate of mass incarceration. Although New Zealand’s indigenous Māori make up only 15% of New Zealand, they represent half its prison population. This relates largely to political pressure for longer sentences – despite a host of studies showing long sentences significantly increase re-offending.

For me the most interesting section of the film concerns New Zealand’s gang culture and the longstanding rivalry between our two largest gangs – the Mongrel Mob and Black Power. It’s not uncommon for Māori offenders to be third generation gang members.

15 thoughts on “New Zealand: Second Highest in Mass Incarceration

  1. I wish that I could say, “I’m shocked!” But that would be a lie since I have some idea of what is going on in New Zealand. This is a travesty, nonetheless. How the indigenous population can be faring so poorly in what is their native land is just disgusting. But it speaks of a problem that has been worldwide; that of certain groups roaming around the world to take advantage of indigenous populations and either outright killing them, imprisoning them or enslaving them while taking over their land and rendering them, second class citizens in their homeland without even their own political representation.

    Sound familiar? Indeed, it does! Only all too well. Sigh!


    • Your comment is spot on, Shelby. The British who settled New Zealand did a pretty good job of exterminating Maori. Now the Crown simply denies them medical care. In a country that supposedly has free medical care for everyone, Maori live 7 years less on average than Europeans.

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      • “In a country that supposedly has free medical care for everyone, Maori live 7 years less on average than Europeans.”

        That is worse than a disgrace! The idea is that ALL the Maoris should die, hence the reason for healthcare for the Europeans who stole New Zealand from Maoris while depriving the Maoris of not only their freedom, by incarcerating them but by also denying them adequate health care. My only hope is that those who have managed to wreak havoc on the innocent, will one day rue the day they did so, in spades!


  2. I did not realize that New Zealand was so similar to America regarding its treatment of indigenous peoples. I would hate to characterize it as systemic White Supremacism, because I am white, I am more comfortable with the concept of Neo-Colonial Imperialism and Class discrimination, oh WTF it is what it is, I’Lloyd bet there are privatized prisons that are listed on the stock exchange just like Pennsylvania and a numerous occasions other states, and that ISRAEL HAS LUCRATIVE CONTRACTS WITH THE GOVERNMENT. The totalitarian surveillance police state has no borders it seems. Australians have had their guns confiscated, how about you ? The Sandy Hook School Hoax, and all the other false flag psyop staged crisis actor active shooters campaigns in America have failed to compel the citizens of the wild west to CONSENT to give up their firearms, maybe when the deep state kills President Trump they will just blame it on Justin Bieber and declare Marshall law and take them all away and sell them to illegal alien gangs who can join the DHS and FEMA THUGS in the e,termination of Christians and Constitutionalists. I declare war on puppets and pedophile cannibals of the synagogue of satan, they probably run NEW ZEALAND COLONY just like America Inc.


    • The most shocking thing I discovered about New Zealand, John, is they have some kind of deep state here (run by the US) that operates outside of the parliamentary system. I recently learned that the NSA funds a position in Wellington to enable electronic surveillance on all New Zealanders, as well as various Asian and Pacific countries.

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      • Aha, if it is run by the US, then it is run by the ISRAELI-VATICAN BLOODLINE FAMILIES of the Khazarian Mafia, or the Synagogue of Satan if you will.Questions:
        Are there missing children IN NZ, taken away by govt from families, reports of pedophilia, Kosher slaughterhouses, are their many Israeli companies with govt contracts? Are there laws concerning hate speech and anti semitism, but not against indigenous people’s?


  3. Reply to self, goddammit cell phone typos, and Shelbyville I love your comment you are focused on subject. I have splinters.


  4. “I did not realize that New Zealand was so similar to America regarding its treatment of indigenous peoples.” For sure the situation in NZ is bad, but they’ve got a long way to go to get anywhere near approaching the US record of genocide and slavery.


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